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FRP Water Tank

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FRP Water Tank


Introduction: The maxi diameter that can be made is 15000mm; the volume is 2500CBM.




1. Light weight, the density of FRP is 1.5-1.9g/cm3, is quarter of steel, but its strength is higher.

2. High strength, according to the calculation of strength or finite element analysis, we can meet the demand of corresponding temperature and pressure by changing the type of resin and fiberglass of structural layer, adjusting lamination.

3.Corrosion resistant, we can select the different kinds of resin against the variety of the media, such as acid, alkali, salt, oil and solvent. Can be used in the every aspects for corrosion resistance, and can be replaced the stainless steel, nonferrous metal and other kind of material.

 4. The inner surface is smooth, the roughness coefficient is 0.0084, has good sanitary property, it is easier to clean as clear, can resist the corrosion of animalcule. If the foods staff grade resin used in the inner liner, the product can meet the requirement of sanitation without toxicity and taste.

5. Good property against low temperature, it can be used in the condition of negative 80°C, it is suitable for cool area.

6. Thermal expansion factor is 2×10-5°C,thermal conductivity is 0.2kcal.m/2.h.°C, good thermal insulation property.

7. The formation is easy, maintenance is convenient and it is suitable for the comprehensive equipment. The maxi vessel can be wound at the site.

8. Can be matched with the accessories, such as the level indicator, handrail, ladder, platform and others.


9. Chemical vessels, heat insulation tank, agitator kettle, fermentation tank, and separator etc.

10. Chemical, metallurgy, food brewage, electron, power, transportation, pharmaceutical and water treatment etc.

All the raw materials used for tank equipment are from formal enterprise domestic and abroad, and they have already passed ISO9001:2008. They are included in the “Qualified Sub-contractors” of our company.

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