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FRP cable tray

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FRP cable tray

 Advantages and purpose of FRP cable casing pipe

1. High strength, smooth inner surface (friction coefficient is small, the pass of the cable is convenient and smooth, no damage for the cable), light weight (density only 1/4 of the steel pipes), convenient transportation, easy installation, no deformation.

2. No electric corrosion, nonmagnetic, suitable for the single-core cable, and no vortex occurs.

3. Good chemical resistant, especially resisting rain water or seawater.

4. Heat-resistant, it can be used in the condition of 120°C for long time.

5. Insulation, chemical-resistant, rustles. Its service life is more than 50 years without maintenance, invest one time and benefit for life.


The FRP cable pipe is suitable for the laying of the cable be used for electric power and communication at various occasions. Especially the cable which passes the traffic arteries, river, bridge, etc special environment, it can represent the easy construction, high strength, etc advantages adequately. The FRP cable casing pipe is widely used for electric power, communication, traffic, infrastructure establishment of civil aviation airport, etc.

Main raw material: unsaturated polyester resin, woven roving, surface veil mat, chopped strand mat, silica sand. Process: filament winding. Material: B-fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). Grade code: N-general type; R-reinforced type; E-super powerful type. Type of product: DB-N, DB-R,DB-E.

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