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UP Resin for Hand Lay-up

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Unsaturated Polyester Resin for Hand Lay-Up

UP RESIN for Hand lay-up has wide applicability and strong versatility, the reinforced FRP products have good mechanical strength and high elongation, suitable for many kinds of FRP parts through hand lay-up and ordinary FRP products.

Product Property

Storage &Transportation:

  1. Avoid exposure to heat sources such as direct sunlight or steam pipes. Stored in a dry place at temperatures below 25C and the shelf life is 3 months.
  2. Keep sealed to prevent moisture pick-up and monomer loss. Prolonged storage  outside of recommended conditions can influence liquid resin properties like viscosity and gel time.
  3. Transportation should fit the State Council “Chemistry Dangerous Articles Safety Management Regulations”. Because it contains styrene monomer, it is hazardous and inflammable.

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